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“Good things come in small packages.” At first site, one may be surprised to learn of the many anointed gifts and authority, packed into this petite, seemingly soft-spoken Woman of God. With over 20 years of experience in the areas of event planning, administration, public relations, marketing, promotions and entertainment, Jodine can take the minimum, and contrive something or shape someone into maximum right before your eyes. Not intimidated easily, Ms. Basterash tackles any obstacle with feminine force even when dealing with the maker and breaker of them all…finances. Understanding that finances are often an insurmountable hurdle for some attempting to move forward, she seeks to create and devise plans that can fit virtually any budget with her Virtual Assistant services. By tapping into often overlooked grassroots strategies, she strives for a way to make things happen. 

Jodine gained her initial experience in entertainment when her daughters were accepted into a local Apollo Night Show. After seeing gaps of where help was needed, she offered her event planning assistance. Her love for the entertainment industry started to develop a burning desire to assist independent artists nurture their gifts of talent to the next level. As she continued to learn the industry, her stage management and event planning gifts were not going unnoticed. She began to receive offers to travel with nationally known special guest performers/artists doing Road and Stage Management in the secular arena, which eventually turned into event planning and tour coordination.

While working with the Apollo Night Show, she launched her company, Elegance Entertainment, assisting independent artists and execs in the entertainment industry with various services from Event Planning, Virtual Assistance, Marketing and Promotions, Public Relations, Travel, Music Business Consulting and others. Elegance Entertainment has held various music conferences and workshops throughout the community in efforts to help educate independent artists who do not have the support of the major record labels to take them to the next level.

Elegance Entertainment was put on hold while Jodine gained knowledge and experience in publishing when she helped birth the vision of a Christian magazine that quickly climbed in exposure and distribution within the first two years of its birth in comparison to other new publications. Adhering to the voice of God and moving with the swiftness of His Word positioned Jodine for a new level. Through her experience with the christian magazine, she had also awakened new gifts and talents that were destined to be used to re-launch her business in January of 2009 under a new name, “Masterpiece Enterprises-Where Your Vision Becomes A Masterpiece”. Masterpiece Enterprises offers an extensive list of services to the entertainment industry, businesses and non-profit organizations. They host events and workshops for the community from entertainment to enrichment.

Outside of entertainment, Jodine has been active in other areas as well. She was a co-host for a Christian TV talk show as well as a radio host for a domestic violence awareness show. After a year, both shows came to an end due to the media outlets selling the network. 

From her powerful personal testimonies, Jodine has found fulfillment and determination in ministering to youth and abused women to help them find their ‘Rubies Worth’. Ms. Basterash has become the Masterpiece she now gives to her clients offering them a piece of the Master through her services. The standard is set high and she produces nothing less than greatness. There has been a shift in the atmosphere and Jodine was created for such a time as this. It is her season to shine, create and make her mark positively influencing and changing the backside of the industry as we know it. From administration to coordination, from mother to Woman of God, Jodine is proof that you can have it all and do it in a spirit of excellence.

Jodine Basterash