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Masterpiece Publishing is different than your traditional publisher. Publishing through a traditional publisher gives them exclusivity where the success of your book would be dependent on whether or not they stay interested and are willing to continue to print more copies. At Masterpiece Publishing, you keep control of your literary and may keep your work available for distribution through our online bookstore and retailers for as long as you like, or suspend or withdraw availability should you decide to go exclusive with any traditional publisher at any time. We are simply here to be the catalyst to help you pursue your publishing dreams.

Faster turn-around time
As soon as your manuscript is complete, we can have your book fully edited and printed in less than 2 months, whereas traditional publishing usually works on an 18-month production cycle.

Full control of the production process
Your book is a reflection of you. When you publish with Masterpiece, you have complete control on the direction of your book, and ultimately, the final product itself.

Authors' Rights
• Non-exclusive contracts
• Author retains 100% of copyright
• Author retains 100% of creative control

Book Layout Customized to Your Needs
• Professional custom layout of inside pages
• Pre-production consultation with a graphic design professional
• Professional full-color front and back cover layout design

Attractive Discounts
• Discounts for volume purchases
• Bundle discounts when you combine print with promotional services/items

Generous Royalty Structure
• Quarterly royalty payments
• Masterpiece online bookstore royalties

Production/Post-publication features:
• Assignment of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) & UPC Barcode
• Online book sales and royalty accounting
• Book and author webpage in our store
• Availability of your book in e-book format
• Registration with:,,, Ingram, Books in Print, and more

Publishing literary that brings empowerment, healing and restoration