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If you are a business owner, ministry, artist, business professional or anyone who is in need of additional assistance, then you need a Virtual Assistant!

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an individual who provides support to individuals or businesses from an offsite location.  Information is shared via email, fax or telephone.  Often a VA will become a behind the scenes partner with their clients, handling such tasks as administrative support, bookkeeping, event planning, scheduling, etc.

VA's are great for those who have short term projects or either cannot afford to hire an employee due to overhead expenses. It's more beneficial to hire someone per project or specific needs versus hiring part or full time help and have to find them work to justify their salary.  You may have an event or conference you would like to plan and need help coordinating it or need onsite management the day of.  Sometimes it can be as simple as needing someone to do scheduling, research and typing.  The wonderful benefit of a VA is the working relationship is tailored to fit your needs.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a VA versus an employee. Here are a few:
  • VA's do not require office space
  • VA's provide their own office equipment
  • You only pay for time that is spent doing your work whether it's 20 hours a week or 5
  • No overhead expenses (ie taxes, insurance, paid vacations or holidays, etc.)
  • No legal hassles over dismissing an employee. If you are unsatisfied with the work, you simply do not renew the contract. No unemployment fees.
  • VA's can also handle your personal needs such as doctor appointment scheduling, birthday/anniversary gift shopping or reminders, grocery shopping, etc.

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